10 Medical Urban Legends You Should Know

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There have been many urban legends regarding natural cures for ailments and certain causes of diseases. Many of these stories have been passed down from generation to generation but they contain no basis in scientific fact. anytime you try a natural cure

Urban legends and old wives tales about curing medical conditions go back for many generations. Most of the stories are just treatments of the misinformed. Some of them however, are cruel pranks spread by people with evil intentions. Whatever the case may be, make sure you do your research before using an unorthodox cure. It just may save a life.

Flour And Egg Whites Help To Heal Burns

There are several home remedies that can help to heal burns. The important thing is to cool down the burn area as quickly as possible. Running cold water over the area will help stop the burning process. The urban legend about applying flour or egg whites is a relatively new myth, but it has no medical value. Never apply any food products to a burn victim’s wound.

Drinking Bleach Will Kill The AIDS Virus

This was a cruel prank that circulated on the internet a few years back. It is hard to believe that anyone would fall for this story, but apparently some people did. Bleach will only burn your mouth, throat, and stomach; it will not cure aids. It can kill you if you drink enough of it.

Chihuahuas Cure Asthma

There is an old wives tale that if a Chihuahua sleeps on an asthma sufferer, then the person will be cured. This urban legend seems ridiculous on the surface, but many people have tried this cure. Chihuahuas may be a better pet than most breeds for asthma sufferers, but they definitely will not cure the condition.

Swallowing A Few Drops Of Visine Will Cause Diarrhea

Outrageous urban legends about commercial products have been circulating for years. Most of them are the result of people with an ax to grind. Although it is never a good idea to ingest eye drops, a few drops will not cause problems to your digestive system.

Drinking 4 Glasses Of Water At The Start Of A Day Will Cure Any Disease

Drinking plenty of water is always beneficial to one’s health. It helps to cleanse the system and prevent the dreaded kidney stones. The fact that it will cure any ailment is just not true. Water is definitely necessary for one’s body, but it is not a miracle cure for diseases.

A Person Who Has Taken LSD More Than 7 Times Is Considered Legally Insane

Taking LSD repeatedly will affect your brain and has been known to cause psychoses. The story of becoming insane from LSD is just not true. There have been many urban legends telling the story of murderers being set free because he took LSD.  This story started in the 1960’s but has no legal bearing on whether people can be judged insane.

Combining Shrimp and Vitamin C Will Lead To Arsenic Poisoning

There is a urban legend that states if you take vitamin C pills then you must avoid shrimp. The combining of the two products will give you arsenic poisoning and just might kill you. Arsenic is a metal that is normally not present in either shrimp or vitamin C. Combining the two will not put you at risk to arsenic poisoning.

Antiperspirants will Cause Beast Cancer

There have been many stories circulating that antiperspirants contain certain harmful chemicals that will cause cancer when absorbed through the skin. Scientists have done many studies in recent years to try and verify the claims. The results showed that there was no correlation between antiperspirants and cancer.

Pricking The Finger Of A Stroke Victim Will Save Their Life

This urban legends states that if you prick all 10 fingers of a person suffering a stroke, then the slow bleeding from the fingers will actually reverse the damage from the clot. In theory this may sound good, but doctors have warned people not to follow this advice. A stroke victim should always be rushed immediately to the hospital so that the damage can be held to a minimum.

Sliced Onions Placed In A Room Will Prevent The Spread Of The Flu

The story goes that if someone in your household has the flu, then you should slice up some onions and place them in the room with the ill person. The onions are said to absorb all the flu germs. This tale goes back many generations when people were unaware of the origins of many diseases and thought the “bad germs” could be caught. There are still some people today that still believe in the power of onions but there is no medical evidence that onions will stop the spread of the flu.


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