10 Countries That Spend the Most Money on Travel Each Year

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The top ten countries which spend the most money every year on international travel and tourism. The top country might surprise most people.

These are the ten countries which spend the most money on travel each year as citizens of these countries like to spend their money to see the world. The biggest surprise on the list is that the United States is not the number one country even though it is the largest economy in the world and the wealthiest. Americans do travel all over the world but there is another country whose citizens travel and spend more money each year than Americans.

1) Germany - $80.8 billion dollars a year on international tourism

Image Source (German travel keeps Lufthansa busy)

Tourists from Germany spend the most money on international tourism every year. Germany is a very wealthy country and the 4th largest economy in the world and Germans love to spend their money traveling to different countries around the world.

2) United States - $73.1 billion

Image Source

The United States is the largest economy in the world and also the wealthiest overall but is only second in international tourism expenditures. Probably because the United States is so large and Americans have ample opportunities to spend money traveling in their own country including tropical places like Hawaii and great wonders and tourist attractions like the Grand Canyon.

3) United Kingdom - $48.5 billion 

Image Source (The most international visitors to NYC come from the UK)

The UK is the 6th largest economy in the world and people from the United Kingdom love to travel around the world and have for hundreds of years dating back to the UK's colonial days.

4) China - $43.7 billion 

Image Source

China is now the 2nd largest economy in the world and the Chinese are spending more and more of their money on international tourism. Plus a great deal of travel from China is business related as China is a major exporter in the world.

5) France - $38.9 billion 

Image Source (View from Eiffel Tower)

Tourism is big business with the French as Paris is the most visited city in the world and France itself is ranked 5th in terms of international tourism expenditures per year.

6) Italy - $27.8 billion 

Image Source (Italian Lira)

Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world and Italians spend the 6th most money on international tourism in the world.

7) Japan - $25.1 billion 

Image Source

Japan was the 2nd largest economy in the world in 2009 but was surpassed by China in 2010. The Japanese spend the 7th most money on international travel per year and probably take the most photographs.

8) Canada - $24.3 billion 

Image Source

Canada is not in the top ten most visited countries in the world but it is 8th in international tourism expenditures and most of that money is spent by Canadians flying to or traveling to the United States.

9) Russia - $20.8 billion 

Image Source (Russian Ruble banknote)

Russia is another country not in the top ten most visited countries but is ranked 9th in international tourism expenditures. Both Canada and Russia are cold countries with long winters which could explain why citizens from both countries spend their money traveling outside the country.

10) Netherlands - $20.7 billion 

Image Source (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane)

The Netherlands rounds out the top ten list of international tourism expenditures as the Dutch have historically accumulated great wealth which they like to spend on travel.

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Posted on Aug 7, 2010
Posted on Aug 7, 2010
lisa leverton
Posted on Aug 7, 2010