10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Chicago

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The 10 all-time hottest weather temperature days ever recorded in Chicago, Illinois.

These are ten hottest weather temperature days ever recorded in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. The data dates back to 1871.

The list shows the seven dates when the temperature exceeded 103 degrees in Chicago, plus the all-time record hottest temperature in Chicago. There are also 12 dates when the temperature was 102 degrees, which completes the top ten dates.

The hottest month of the year in Chicago is July. The temperature averages 73.3 degrees inn July in Chicago, and 13 of the dates when the temperature reached or exceeded 102 degrees occurred in July. The second hottest average month is August, when the temperature averages 71.7 degrees. However, the temperature has never exceeded 102 degrees in August in Chicago, and 102 was only reached once in August.

Temperatures in Chicago average 68.2 degrees in June. But out of the 19 times that Chicago reached or exceeded 102 degrees, five of the dates occurred in June. Though temperatures only average 63.8 degrees in September in Chicago, there have been four dates in September when the temperature reached 100 degrees.

The all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in Chicago is 105 degrees.

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10 Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Chicago History

1. July 24, 1934 - 105

2. July 13, 1995 - 104

2. June 20, 1988 - 104

2. June 20, 1953 - 104

5. June 25, 1988 - 103

5. July 21, 1901 - 103

5. July 1, 1956 - 103

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8-10. It has been 102 degrees 12 times

There was a high temperature of 109 F recorded on July, 23, 1934 at Midway Airport, but this an unofficial reading since it was recorded at Midway airport.

It’s Not Only the Heat in Chicago

It is not only heat that can be unbearable in Chicago, it is also the humidity. Chicago, in the Midwest United States is known for its high humidity. Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, also contributes to the higher humidity during the summer.

When you combine heat with high humidity, the heat index or the feels like temperature can make it feel so much hotter than the actual temperature. For example, if the actual air temperature is 96 F, and the humidity is 65%, the heat index or what it actually feels like would be a very dangerous 121 degrees F. In other words, it would feel like it is actually 121 F.

Deadly Chicago Heat Wave

On of the deadliest heat waves in United States history occurred during July 1995 in Chicago. The city sweltered for three straight days during the deadly heat wave. On July 12, 1995, the temperature was a hot 97 F, but not an unheard of high for the city.

The deadly heat wave started the next day, July 13, 1995; the temperature soared to 104 F at O’Hare Airport and 106 F at Midway Airport. Combined with the high humidity, the heat index or feels like temperature was at 125 F. There was no wind and the inner city, with the heat island effect; people that were outside were reported to be walking in a daze.

The city entered the second day of the heat wavy on Friday, July 14th when the temperature hit 102 F at Midway Airport, again with high humidity. To make matters worse, more than 49,000 people were without power throughout the upcoming weekend when transformers had blown. This of course rendered fans and air conditioners useless. By the second day, hospital emergency rooms were now becoming over crowded.

On Saturday, July 15, 1995, the temperature finally fell below 100 F, with a high of 98 degrees F, but the humidity remained high. Nigh time brought little relief as low temperatures did not fall below 80 F and the humidity remained high.

As long as five days after the heat wave broke, the death toll continued to rise. By the end of the deadly heat wave in Chicago, 739 people had died. During the heat wave, the city opened air conditioning centers, handed out ice and provided over 1,000 fans.

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