10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in San Antonio

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The 10 all-time hottest days in the history of the city of San Antonio, Texas.

These are the ten hottest weather temperature days in the history of San Antonio, Texas. The weather temperature data dates back to 1885.

The city of San Antonio, Texas is the seventh largest in the United States, and second largest in Texas (behind Houston) with 1.33 million people. The metro San Antonio area is the 24th largest in the United States, with 2.2 million people.

As anyone who lives in San Antonio, or has visited the city, knows, it can get pretty hot. In fact, only four months of the year have never had a 100 degree temperature day in San Antonio.

The earliest the city has had a 100 degree temperature day is February 21, 1996, when the temperature was 100 degrees. The latest date the city has had a 100 degree day is September 28, 2005, when the temperature hit 104. The only months that have not seen a 100 degree day are October through January.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in San Antonio is 111 degrees, which occurred on September 5, 2000. The two hottest days in San Antonio history occurred in September, while the next two hottest days occurred in August.

The hottest month of the year in San Antonio is August, when the temperature averages 84.4 degrees. July is right behind August at 84.2 degrees, followed by June at 81.8 and September at 79.4 degrees.

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10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in San Antonio History

1. September 5, 2000 - 111 degrees

2. September 4, 2000 - 109

3. August 19, 1986 - 108

T-4. August 20, 1909 - 107

T-4. June 15, 1998 - 107

T-6. August 9, 1953 - 106

T-6. August 11, 1936 - 106

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T-6. August 13, 1962 - 106

T-6. July 2, 1894 - 106

T-6. July 19, 1989 - 106

T-6. July 26, 1954 - 106

T-6. July 27, 1954 - 106

T-6. June 21, 1936 - 106

Why is San Antonio So Hot?

San Antonio is located in South Texas in an area known as the Texas Hill Country. They do not have a coastal climate like Corpus Christi or Houston, but they can get very hot. During the summer, it can seem like an endless heat wave in San Antonio. The Texas Hill Country is considered a semi arid climate area.

As they say in real estate, it is location, location, location, and the wind can dictate these hot temperatures in San Antonio. Being situated near the Gulf of Mexico, wind blowing from the gulf can increase moisture levels, but keep temperatures below 100 degrees.

Since San Antonio is also near the Mexican border, hot air can also blow in from the deserts to the sound around the Rio Grande and Mexico. These winds from the southwest and south increase the temperature and lower the humidity.

According to Texas Monthly, “In Houston, Corpus, San Antonio—just about any place southeast of a line from Dallas to Del Rio—the average desert equivalent temperature in summer is slightly over 100°.”

When in Death Valley, California, the average is 98.6 F., even though Death Valley still holds the record for the hottest temperature recorded in the United States.

With all these hot temperatures, it actually has snowed in San Antonio during the winter, and at times they also get freezing rain with temperatures below freezing, such as the winter of 2017/2018.

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