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Got aliens? Got steel? Got aliens made of steel? Art From Steel sells just that: handcrafted  statues of aliens and other artwork from steel. However, this steel is entirely recycled from automobiles and other sources of scrap metal. The company sells a vast array of steel objects inspired by cars, science fiction, everyday items, sport, robots and even Michael Jackson. There are hundreds of items from which to choose, so everybody can find something to love. It's all made by skilled artisans, in Thailand,  with attention to fair trade practices.The statues range in size from 3 inches (7.2 cm) to nearly 8 feet (243 cm)  tall. Everything on the Web page is arranged according to stores, with subcategories.


In each 'store' there are enough choices to please anyone. The work is very high quality and well-finished. Attention to detail is incredible! The photographs of the pieces are taken by the company. Art From Steel does try to make each piece look as close to the photographed example as possible. However they will tell a customer if there will be variation for any reason. Art From Steel also accepts custom commissions. They work closely with the customers and the artisans to make that vision come true.

The Art From Steel Web site also has these customer services:

•Custom Commissions (Design your own statues)
•Buy A Gift Voucher For A Friend
•Overseas Customers (Outside USA and Canada)
•Wholesale Orders, Distributors and Affiliates
•Frequently Asked Questions
•Our Customer Rewards Program

Art From Steel: What makes it different?

What makes Art From Steel different?

There are many producers of scrap metal sculpture in Thailand. It has become a national industry with individual workshops employing many skilled artisans. The range of products tends to be similar: Transformers, aliens, Star Wars and other TV and movie themes being most popular. Other smaller items for home decoration are also offered. All the companies reviewed also accept custom orders. So what makes Art From Steel different? Here are just a few points that make Art From Steel a better choice for scrap metal sculpture.

  •  A better-looking easy to use Website
    • A Website is the first thing a customer sees. If navigation is difficult, customers will look elsewhere. Images need to be high quality and links need to work. Art From Steel's site works well and looks attractive.
    • The Websites of the competitors aren't as easy to use or read.
  • Number of items available
    • Art From Steel offers over  500 items for sale. The competitors offer fewer than that.
  • Faster fulfillment of orders
    • Art From Steel has a large purpose-built workshop in Thailand. More artisans means faster delivery.
    • Large items are shipped from Thailand with a specific date in mind
    • Because of the size of the workshop, very large objects can be created on site. The competitors have smaller workshops and cannot make such large items readily, delaying delivery.
  • Art From Steel maintains inventory of smaller items in the US.
    • The competitors ship only from Thailand.
    • Less paperwork also speeds up delivery.
    • Items are shipped daily within the US.
  • Superior communication between customers and artisans.
    • A large team of translators, artists and artisans collaborate with the owner and the customer to fulfill custom orders.
  • A large base of commercial customers.
    • Art From Steel is the exclusive supplier to Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museums in the US.
  • Art From Steel provides customers with the exact day they are able to get a statue completed and moved to packaging. 
    • This makes it easier to plan on receipt of the piece by the customer.
  • Art From Steel provides detailed weekly updates with photos, videos and emails.
    • Surprisingly is not done by other companies.
Art From Steel vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Art From Steel)

Art From Steel compared to primary competitors (sites similar to Art From Steel)

YumiModal is a major competitor of Art From Steel. It also operates out of Thailand. Their Website isn't as polished as Art From Steel's. It contains unrelated advertising which is distracting. While they provide artwork based on similar themes, the range of objects is much smaller than Art For Steel. YumiModal  also provides custom work. Pricing is based on the size of the piece, without any discount other than wholesale versus retail. Shipping is only from Thailand, with the added paperwork and delay.

Scrap Metal Artwork is another major competitor of Art From Steel and also operates out of Thailand. Their Website is nicely done but contains dark text overprinted on a dark background that can make for difficult viewing. They also have similarly-themed pieces as Art From Steel. but again the inventory is smaller. Pieces are individually priced, with no discount advertised. All shipping is from Thailand making delivery more complicated.

Art From Steel: Pricing & packages

Art From Steel:  Pricing

Art From Steel  and Scrap Metal Artwork show prices for each piece. YumiModal prices items by size; that information is on a separate page.

Here are pricing examples for a miniature (8 inches/ 20 cm) motorbike:

Art From Steel: $44.00

Scrap Metal Artwork: $40.00

YumiModal : $75.00 for a 25 cm item

Obviously it's difficult to compare prices exactly, as the pieces may differ in complexity. Art From Steel's prices compare favorably with its competitors.

These prices are for small (30--45 cm) Predator statues:

Art From Steel: $159.00 for a 30 cm item

YumiModal: $95--$170 for a 45 cm item

Scrap Metal Artwork: $180  for a 32 cm item

Shipping is not included in any of these prices. All items are sold singly. Multiple items can be shipped together.

Art From Steel offers a customer reward program on their Website. Customers earn points in a variety of ways, such as referring new customers. The points can be redeemed as discounts on purchases. YumiModal only offers discounts in terms of wholesale versus retail. Scrap Metal Artwork doesn't list any discounts on its Website.

Payment methods for Art From Steel: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Free shipping on orders over $400.

Art From Steel: Product images & screenshots
Art From Steel Coupons
Art From Steel: Customer reviews & comments

Customer Reviews

It was impossible to find external customer reviews of the products from Art From Steel, Scrap Metal Artwork and YumiModal. Art From Steel and Scrap Metal Artwork have Facebook pages, while YumiModal does not. Neither YumiModal nor Scrap Metal Artwork appear to have customer testimonials on their respective Websites; only Art From Steel has them. Names and dates are given for each customer testimonial. A contact at Art From Steel offered more testimonials from commercial purchasers however.

Customer testimonials from the Art From Steel Website:

Good for you!
I was elated that Art from Steel are committed to using recycled materials. That aids in keeping to my own personal principles, which is very important to me. These are really beautiful works of art and they do a wonderful job in creating these.
Rachel Steves, CA 12-30-11

It's just perfect!!!

My special Predator Astray is such a great conversation starter. I put it in my bar as a show piece. Almost everyone comments on it and I refer them to your site. Thanks Martin for all your help in getting this little guy made. Ill definitely be coming back.

Roger Gates, MO 02-27-2012
I bought a bunch of gifts from you just before Christmas. Was a little concerned if everything would arrive in time. I neednt have worried at all. Was also pleasantly surprised with the free shipping you offered. Thanks a million, Martin.
Joseph Chachon, East Dover, NJ. 3/3/2012
It's quite clear that Art From Steel's customers enjoy their purchases and customer service. The work is beautiful and the business  seems very professional.
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Back home in New York, clever people make their own from farm implements. There is a place off the main road near home where there are life-size stegesaurs and a few other dinos, posed near the highway, -all made from old (& rusting) iron and scrap steel...

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