An Action Plan for Making Money Online
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An Action Plan for Making Money Online

Hard work and Careful Planning can help you make money on the internet


No matter what business you choose to be in, whether it’s to own your own store, or to work as an insurance agent, real estate agent, a service business or even direct marketing, this business plan can help you succeed.

These ten steps are a proven formula to make the money roll in! If you follow them consistently, if you do these steps over and over again, you will create a massive cash machine that puts money in your pocket forever.

Are you ready to get rich?

1. Become a life-long student of marketing. (This is the one skill that should not be delegated)

Marketing is a skill, just like any other, and it’s easy to master. All you need to do is read a few marketing books, written by men who have succeeded, and then, guess what? Just do what they did.

Practice modeling. Not the walk the runway and pose kind of modeling, but researching a mentor. If you want to be successful, find a successful person and do exactly what they are doing.

If you are not hanging out with millionaires, then read what they are writing. Study what the best have done, and emulate them.

2. Pick a niche. Marketing is most effective when it is focused on the specific interests and benefits of a target group.

When you narrow your focus down to a specific target group, you are using a rifle for your marketing instead of a shotgun. A shotgun spreads the marketing bullet wide, trying to lightly touch a massive amount of people. That’s brand building, and it takes a long time to put money in your pocket.

A rifle is a single shot that goes straight into the target. That’s a sale. You find a group of people who have a need, and you fill the need. They will make you rich.

There is a need for both kinds of marketing in your business plan, but be selective in how you use them.

3. Determine the acceptable cost to you of acquiring a customer.

(What is your average net profit per closed transaction and what are you willing to invest to get it?) You want to be in business for a lifetime so determine the lifetime value of a customer and invest accordingly.

4. Set up and automate a lead generation system for that target group. This can be a series of squeeze pages with pay per click ads driving traffic to them, article marketing for organic traffic growth, viral marketing with videos and other Web 2.0 tactics.

5. Set up and automate a follow-up system that converts an acceptable number of leads to customers. Segment your customer lists by purchase and customer habit and market to each separately.

6. Automate your fulfillment processes (such as, dealing with lead responses, pulling listing information, keeping customers informed, etc. )

7. Setup a follow-up and referral generation system for past customers.

8. Continually test your processes to improve your results

a) Improve lead generation response rates

b) Increase conversion from leads to customers

c) Improve speed and success rate of transactions

d) Increase referral generation and repeat business

9. Delegate everything possible except marketing and customer appointments.

10. If desired, pick additional niches to add to your business and repeat the process 2.-5. Everyone has different hobbies and a lot that can compliment each other. A cycling fanatic may also like fitness, the outdoors and adventure travel. There is no reason separate internet businesses cannot be set up for each area of interest. There are wine lovers who also blog about coffee and travel, which makes for interesting cross promotion opportunities.

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