Amazing Home and Beauty Uses for Kool-Aid
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Amazing Home and Beauty Uses for Kool-Aid

Home remedies for blonde hair

Have you ever wondered what you can actually do with Kool-Aid besides drink it? Kool-Aid is a very popular drink to make kids in the summertime. It’s very refreshing, tasty, and of course very colorful. Being a beautician I have had the opportunity to use Kool-Aid as a color alternative, removing bright yellow tones out of blonde hair, making a fruity lip gloss and now I heard of a new Kool-Aid remedy, which is using Kool-Aid as a chlorine remover. One of my closes friends just discovered this new beauty trick after swimming in a pool filled with chlorine and a hot tub filled with chlorine vacationing at a local hotel. Since the hotel basically accommodates you with most of your necessities she only brought her make up with her, clothes, money, clothes for her kids, Kool-Aid packets for her kids, toothbrushes etc. The reason for the Kool-Aid packets was, because her kids don’t drink soda, and they have a huge thing for Kool-Aid right now.

After she got out of the swimming pool her hair and her daughters hair felt very nasty from the chlorine. Now they are both blondes. Even though the hair did not turn Green it still felt coated, straw like feeling, slimy, and tangled. Being that she was a hairdresser and had somewhat of creativity when it came to hair (not as much as me though) she searched around the hotel and the only thing she could find to help the hair was her Pantene shampoo (which I am not too fond of) and packages of Kool-Aid. Knowing that lemon juice helps with the hair she decided to mix her shampoo with a package of Lemonade Kool-Aid. The results were amazing. The Lemonade Kool-Aid de-chlorinated her hair and her daughter’s hair within 20 minutes. Here’s how to get chlorine out of blonde hair by using Lemonade Kool-Aid.

First step- Wash your hair with a regular shampoo then rinse it out. Take an applicator bottle and fill it up half way with the shampoo. Now she didn’t have a bottle with her she used an ice bucket, but if you’re doing this at home I suggest using a bottle. Then place the entire package of Lemonade Kool-Aid into the shampoo mix. Shake the bottle up to allow the Kool-Aid to dissolve somewhat. Place a towel around your neck clip it in front. Pour the mixture onto your hair. Massage the mixture all over making sure you concentrate on the ends of your hair the most, because your ends seems to grab the chlorine more due to its porosity. Allow this to stay on for 20 minutes. For best results place a hot towel over your head after you apply the mixture. This will help add moisture back to your hair. My friend didn’t do this procedure, but I’m telling you too from my own personal opinion.

After the 20 minutes is up rinse this off with warm water to get rid of any Kool-Aid residue. Then rinse off again using cool water to add shine, and close up your pores.

My uses for Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid is great for adding color or freshening up a Red Shade or Blonde shade. Do you have a rich, bold, Red hair color that needs to be perked up again until your next color appointment? Simply take a ½ tablespoon of Kool-Aid place it into an applicator bottle. Now add a few squirts of hair conditioner to the bottle. Shake this up then apply to your hair. Comb this through from beginning of head to the ends. Let it sit on your head for 15 minutes. Rinse off with a cool rinse. If you need more Red added then use a full tablespoon, but do not use the entire package, unless you want a real vibrant engine Red.

Did you just get highlight put into your hair and they look very brassy? Then you can take the Blue package of Kool-Aid and use that as a toner to help reduce the brassy yellowness. I suggest only using ¼ teaspoon if not less added to your conditioner. Follow the same procedure mentioned above. You are only using the Blue Kool-Aid to cast out the bright Yellow brassiness.

To make a fruity Kool-Aid lip-gloss all you need is color of Kool-Aid choice, Vaseline, and a little bit of sugar. Then mix 1 package of Kool-Aid with 3 tablespoons of Vaseline and ¼ teaspoon of sugar. Place this into the microwave for 4-8 minutes until the Kool-Aid is dissolved. Take out of microwave and allow it to cool down. Wear as a regular lip gloss or add glitter to it and wear as a glittered lip gloss.

Last fun idea I have for Kool-Aid is taking White or Yellow flowers from your garden that are half dead. Place them into a cup of Kool-Aid (color of choice) and watch the flowers go from one color to another. The White flowers are really cool to watch change with the Kool-Aid.

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Wow!! I love kool-aid. I never knew there were other uses for it, that's amazing. I love the lip gloss and flower idea. Very good article, thanks for sharing!

Your article is Kool!

OK, *this* is brilliant. I would NEVER have thought to use Kool-Aid that way.

Cool, its serving the dual purpose. Home Lighting