A Review of the Online Backup Site Crashplan
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A Review of the Online Backup Site Crashplan

This is a review of CrashPlan an online backup service. Part of their service is free.

I’ve been looking for a reliable online backup site. I think that I’ve found a site that I will install on all of my computers. This site is truly awesome. The versatility of this product is outstanding.

I actually heard about CrashPlan through a Twitter conversation. If nothing else, Twitter has provided me with an outstanding piece of software and service that I can recommend to everyone.

Signing up for the service is extremely easy. When you arrive at their site you will see that they offer two levels of service. One is for Home and Office personal use and the other is for business. The plan I am reviewing is for personal use.

They offer free backup for use between your personal computers, free backup to your friends or family members’ computers over the internet, and an unlimited backup to CrashPlan’s online storage. The cost of the unlimited online backup up for an individual computer is $3.50 per month and the family plan is $5.00 per month. You can use a 30 free trial if you just want to try out the backup service to CrashPlan’s online storage. You can still continue to use their software for free even if you don’t want to use their online storage plan.

Once you press the go button under the Home and Office information box you will see on the next page a green box in the lower right hand corner that says Free Download. This is where you will download their software and set up your account. You will need to download the software to each of the computers that you intend to use in the backup process.

The installation was pretty straight forward. I did have a bit of trouble directing the backup of my desktop computer to the external drive that is attached to my laptop at first. Until I figured out that I needed to configure incoming computer backups on the source computer. After that everything went smoothly.

My laptop only took about an hour and a half to back up and the desktop took about 10 hours. This is a lot faster than if you were doing a backup to an online site or over the internet to a friend’s computer. I didn’t notice any slowdown in the operation of either of the computers during the backups and I ran both simultaneously. Needless to say I was very pleased with the results.

The nice thing about this service is the amount of choices you have for backup. If you don’t have an offsite place to store your backup I wouldn’t hesitate to use their online backup service. You could backup to a family member or a friend’s computer as long as it was convenient for them and for yourself. If they tend to shut off their computer when that aren’t using it, that could be a problem for you as it wouldn’t give you a reliable backup source.

I have several laptops and two desktop computers on my home network. This will make the backup process extremely easy. In the past I have been pretty lax about my backups. Now that I have found CrashPlan I will just set it up and forget it. I would rate this service and software 5 out of 5 stars.

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Comments (11)
Devin Flake

I just setup CrashPlan on my system as well and have been very please with the backup options and the linux support (not many online backup solutions exist for linux)

Nik Clayton

Turns out old backup archives created with Crashplan have a bug that can leave files unrestorable. Crashplan silently fixed this (no entry in the release notes), but old archives may have corrupted files. The only solution is to wipe the archive and start from scratch, and the only way to find out is to try a restore and see if it works.

More details at http://try-dot-ch.blogspot.com/2010/03/crashplan.html

Ranked #7 in Online Backup

Thanks for that info, Nik, I've just started using CrashPlan and haven't had any problems. I have restored a couple of files between computers and everything has worked fine. So I'm thinking my version probably already has the fix in it. I'll check out your blog. Thanks.

John Gilbert

CrashPlan staff have responded to Nik's problems with CrashPlan. Whilst they admit to miscommunication from their support staff, CrashPlan has not caused any corruption of backup data. They have also explained the confusion between Nik and CrashPlan support. The CrashPlan software did not corrupt Nik's data and there are no known bugs which cause corruption.

More details at https://crashplan.zendesk.com/entries/140286 with a full explanation on the second page.

Ranked #7 in Online Backup

Thanks for leaving your comment John.

VERY Good advice Pat - I had the unthinkable happen when my Laptop was "swopped" in a coffee shop by a conman, and I lost YEARS of work, and TWO books I had written! The Crashplan would have been my saviour!

I'll have to check this out. I haven't had a satisfactory way of backing up files for way too long.

online backup service

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Is good to see that people right now can have access to Online Backup tools, because they are getting more affordable. the question is, which one has the best warranty in case of a crash


the best way to store data is through online storage mediums… there are many secure options out there!


I was requesting if you could also write something about Safecopy backup.I'm just a client using the software and i think is a good backup service.