8 Tips for Success to Being a Great Personal Fitness Trainer
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8 Tips for Success to Being a Great Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal fitness training is a competitive career. Clients are hard to come by, and good ones should be kept at all costs. Here are eight things to remember each day to become a better, more professional fitness trainer.

Dress professionally

The best outfit is something sporty yet professional. Try a polo shirt, athletic pants, and some nice cross trainer shoes. Choose professional over sexy, please!

Don't get too personal

It's very common for close relationships to grow between trainers and their clients. This is fine, but do respect boundaries and don't become a personal friend, if you care to maintain the professional relationship. If your client asks you for relationship advice, simply listen to his / her problem, acknowledge them and sympathize, but don't offer advice or otherwise become invested in the issue being discussed.

Don't be late

Personal training is a client service, it is part of your job to chow the client respect, so don't be late to appointments. If you must be late, you must make up for the time, never short a client out of time because you're late. This can cause bitter feelings and negative word-of-mouth consequences.

Be attentive during sessions

It's easy to become distracted, or let the client go on his / her own during a set while you take a phone call. This shows an unprofessional manner, and you should avoid it. Clients remember an experience when their professional gives them undivided attention.

Stay on top of the latest news and information

As a personal fitness trainer, you are an information professional! It is your job to stay on top of the latest news in fitness, wellness, nutrition, equipment, and science. Read industry magazines, books, and talk with doctors as often as you can.

Don't be afraid to not know the answer

As a personal fitness trainer, you have a professional responsibility to your client, and safety must come first. Don't pretend to know the answer to a question if you don't, be honest, you'll be surprised how much it can create a feeling of trust with your client

Be fit yourself!

This is an obvious one, but important. You must set a great example for your client and be a physical specimen to work towards. Stay in shape yourself and be an example for your clients.

Do it only for as long as you love it

Too many trainers get into training because they love the job, and then burn out and lost enthusiasm, but keep on training clients with a less-than-stellar attitude. An important part of a trainer's job is to be a cheerleader, and infect the client with enthusiasm. If this feeling has faded, it might be time to move on. You have many choices for next steps, including writing a fitness book, consult, train company employees on wellness, or move into the business side of fitness.

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Hey - this is a great guide. I have a friend who just got into fitness training and she loves it, I sent this article to her.

Great post. This is a very helpful article for people who love physical fitness. I voted your article postivie.

Your style of writing is great. Although not exactly a fitness person myself, it kept me interested

Your tips on being a personal trainer helps me to know how to FIND a good trainer. An article that would also be of interest to me is fitness training for older adults (50 something) and how to find a trainer that is sensitive to the issues of older adults - like what questions should you ask a trainer regarding their thoughts and experience with this population.

Every fitness center should have copies of your factoit on hand for new training personnel.

Great tips for every fitness trainer!

I love to be a personal fitness trainer - well, I'd love to be fit! Great article, great tips.